I need you.

It’s the one thing that has kept them together all these years. A need, from the very first moment Mike met Trevor in the third grade. He needed someone, someone who didn’t look at him and see some brainy kid, someone who just saw a friend. And Trevor needed someone who would stand by his side, who would believe in him even when he probably wasn’t a safe bet. They needed each other.

And it kept them together for years. Through Elementary and Middle school and into high school. It kept them together through college, applying together getting their first shitty apartment together. This need, it grew and shifted and changed with them as they got older as they experienced more. Mike needed someone who thought he was normal, who didn’t look at him and see a failure, and Trevor needed someone who knew he was more than drugs and bad decisions.

It’s the kind of need that runs deep, through bone and marrow, that is whispered in the dark and in the early morning light. It’s the kind of need that makes them family. The kind of need that ties them together in complicated and dangerous ways. The kind of need they need to figure out, and sort through and make something new.

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