Suits Season 1: Bonus Disc

#GABRIEL WHAT ARE THOSE BOOTS  #ugh those two  #i feel like gabriel’s in dad mode when he’s playing with pja  #except pja is like 30 not 5  #which makes it even more adorable  #please stop  #and seriously gabriel those boots with that suit and the hair and scruff  #i just  #ugh  


Suits 1x01 Pilot- Commentary with cast & crew

Aaron Korsh, David Bartis, Gabriel Macht, Patrick j. Adams

Suits Pilot Commentary: They know about the fanfiction.
  • David Bartis: He wants to hug him but... Harvey's not interested. No he'll punch him instead.
  • Patrick J. Adams: That moment... it's the beginning of all the strange fanfiction we're beginning to [giggle] find online [laughs]
  • Gabriel Macht: That's going through my head too.
  • Patrick J. Adams: It's just that--
  • David Bartis: Was there going to be more than a hug?
  • Patrick J. Adams: Oh man there is a lot of--
  • Gabriel Macht: Have you seen that stuff?
  • Aaron Korsh: Mm-mm.
  • Patrick J. Adams: Just stay off the internet. Do not write Mike and Harvey in Google.