littlegirltree asked: "Tag! You’re it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten blogs and tell them that they are it :D (Shamelessly tagging you back :-)"

(Omg I’m almost done with these)

  1. I bought 5 books during the Fully Booked weekend sale!
  2. It bothers me too much that I can’t figure out how to fix this when I save tags ;A;
  3. I’m doing the 365 movie challenge. According to my lame list, I’ve seen 121. Not bad? o/
  4. I honestly don’t know where my phone is half of the day.
  5. There is not one thing I own that I have to bring with me whenever I leave the house.
  6. I’m nearsighted so I wear prescription glasses. I only need it to read small distant words though so I can manage without them
  7. Which is good because I misplace those too much as well….
  8. I prefer odd over even numbers.
  9. Driving simultaneously relieves and gives me more stress.
  10. I love driving more.

Things I Say While Driving
  • Me: Fuck you, oh. Fuck. You.
  • Me: What the fuck are you doing. What. The fuck. Are you doing.
  • Me: Good luck in the slow lane there, bud.
  • Me: Why the FUCK are we not even going to speed limit. Why.
  • Me: Lolol your car's a piece of shit.
  • Me: If I miss that green light because of you...
  • Me: You're gonna cut me off? You better hope you have a damn good accelerator, bitch.
  • Me: Shit is that a cop? No.
  • Me: Shit THAT is a cop.
  • Me: Nope, roof rack.

girl-in-a-well asked: "B G T W kekeke I'm terrible ;A; oh noooooo"

B: 3 biggest pet peeves

1. People leaning into my personal space to see what I’m doing
2. Being abruptly cut off by some douchebag while I’m driving an inch away
3. Drivers flashing their headlights at me when they’re the fuckers counter-flowing on my lane

Probably not my biggest pet peeves, I just had another stressful drive when I left the house again. Same old, same old.

G: If you had to rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you be?


T: What kind of underwear are you wearing?

The comfortable kind

W: Do you like it when people play with your hair?

It’s fine as long as they don’t tickle me

beautiful--darling asked: ":( okay byeeee I'll see you later lol even thoughh I won't actually see you you live a little far away also what is coding day"

(why am I still here omg)

The concept of “coding” here in the Philippines is the government’s attempt to control traffic in the city :)) All the cars’ plate numbers over here end with a number and for Monday, plates that end in 1-2 can only drive from 10am-3pm. Tuesday is 3-4, Wednesday is 5-6, etc. Otherwise (and if you’re caught), you either have to look pitiful (or sadly) bribe the MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority, our traffic enforcers) so he will let you go. The two cars I drive ends in 3 and 0 so I can’t use them on Tuesdays and Fridays respectively~ It only happens on weekdays, so I’m free to drive whatever car I want otherwise (and on holidays woot)

Okay it’s past 11am, I really should go now. Bye!



Welcome to America

America I fucking adore you, but this shit is pretty funny!



Welcome to America

America I fucking adore you, but this shit is pretty funny!

Challenge Accepted, available at SnorgTees

Challenge Accepted, available at SnorgTees

haha just printed some “THANK YOU” and “SORRY” signs that i can flash to drivers while i’m on the road. have always wanted to, but i keep forgetting. i really want to print a”FUCK YOU” one but i don’t want to be shot at by some driver who has as much anger management issues as i do.

girlwithribbon asked: "19, 29, 50. (you think of the question 8D any question 8D and then answer it? 8D)"

19. Three things that upset me: Failing at sth that I worked really hard on, hypocrites, and the absence of Suits

29. Three things that annoy me recently: Assholes on the road, my hair, and someone’s existence in particular 

50. Any question you’d like: What’s one thing you’d love to create someday?

I know I promised to be a better driver this year but

Tonight while I was bringing @krinkletwinkle and @theredskirt home, this fucking driver kept getting on my nerves by taking up both fucking lanes and forcing me over to the fucking side that goes against our lane’s traffic. This happened during the whole fucking stretch of CP Garcia. I never felt so pissed off in my 18 months of driving. Must be the coffee or sth. Anyway, I flipped the fucking dick the finger while at the same time hoping he wouldn’t shoot me (stfu, things like that happen okay)

It was worth it though. Felt good.