"Are you…at least a bit worried about me?"

A realization made Tomoyo gasped. “Did you know about the two of them? Li Mei-Ling said something you knew what happened between her and Touya earlier. Are they together? Are they also deceiving both families?”

The lawyer suddenly stopped walking which caused Tomoyo to bump against him. He smiled down at her, a very generic smile. “Ssssssssshh!” And closer, he whispered at her. “They have their secrets. I have my secrets. And I’m sure you have your secrets.” He inched closer to her ears. “Let’s keep it that way.” His breath sent goose bumps down her spine.

And with that, he straightened up and gave a flash of another generic smile, and then continued walking briskly towards where Sakura was, while he held Tomoyo tightly on the wrist.

Incorporated, Chapter 33 “Story of the Heirlooms”