Oh Harvey. For a man who doesn’t approve of having emotions, you wear your jealousy pretty clearly out there.

Evidently Trevor runs a matching making service on the side.

#i love how mike uses THAT as an excuse to keep Trevor around #not he’s my oldest friend #he was there for me when my parents died #I love him #no #WE NEVER WOULD HAVE MET #because THAT’S what’s important here #Mike and Harvey #not Mike and Trevor

  • Grammy: Screw Trevor.
  • Kyle: DAS RIGHT. (nods)
  • Me: /Screw/ Trevor. (nods)
  • Kyle:

Jill left about 40 minutes ago. I finished watching “Dog Fight” for the nth time after I dropped her off downstairs and I just(!) noticed that Trevor goes, “Not my department,” when he creeps the fuck out of that guy I can’t really be bothered to remember the name rn. It just reminded me of Lestrade and I don’t think I’ll ever stop grinning at the thought.

I also got that ‘campaign make a person happy’ thing more times than I probably deserve and it made me really happy. Thank you so much for dropping by! You know who you are <3

Going back to reality now!